Our mission is simple: let’s make wise eating easy!

We’re creating a website and mobile food app to help you choose good groceries made by companies that care about people AND the planet. We want to empower you to make better choices at the supermarket, without relying on just the labels. You’ll improve your health, society and the environment, without even thinking!

Noshly will be like no other food app you’ve ever used

Noshly is an ambitious, community-powered project to build the world’s most comprehensive and trustworthy database of food products. And our website and mobile food app will enable you to easily access all the essential information about:

  • health
  • safety
  • dietary requirements
  • ethics & beliefs
  • environmental sustainability
  • corporate & social responsibility
  • value for money

How it will work

Picture this...a food app that tailors your grocery list to your exact dietary requirements, ethical preferences and budget...automatically!

Let’s say you're on a tight budget and looking for gluten free products made by local companies that have improved their performance on environmental sustainability - Noshly will find you the perfect match.

Or maybe you want to avoid genetically modified food as well as companies with a poor track record on corporate and social responsibility? Noshly will suggest better options, instantly!

Looking for fair trade coffee? No problem! Allergic to certain ingredients, food additives or preservatives? You get the idea. The sky’s the limit.

Why Noshly will be different

1. Tailored to your needs and values

With most healthy and ethical food guides, you're forced to sort through seemingly endless amounts information to find the products that suit your specific needs and values. Noshly will do all the hard work for you.

2. Comprehensive, up-to-date information you can trust

An international reference with everything you need to know about food products and companies, in the one place. And you won’t need a degree in chemistry to make sense of it all. Plus, there’s no hidden agenda - we’re only interested in the facts!

3. We care about the ‘triple bottom line’

Too many of today’s start-ups focus solely on making money.  Not enough attention is being paid to making things better for people and the planet. We want to help solve real world problems, not for profit, but because they’re important!

4. Social, community powered, and FUN!

We’re giving you a voice because we know that consumers are often the best researchers. And we want Noshly to be social and FUN!

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It’s a work in progress

We launched the Noshly website in February 2013, serving up the first piece of the pie: Noshly food additives. It’s a searchable database of food additives. Even though it’s still in beta form, we’ve received more than 10,000 unique visitors in the first three months alone!

Go ahead, give Noshly food additives a try...it’s FREE!

Since launching Noshly food additives, we’ve been busy making improvements based on community feedback. But we’ve still got a long way to go. That’s why we need your help.

Find out how you can get involved in the Noshly community.

Meet the maker behind Noshly

Hi, I’m Nathan Keilar

I’m a web developer at Hunted Hive Studio and the founder of Noshly.

Do you find it hard to make wise food choices at the supermarket?

For some people, buying a simple tin of tomatoes is a “no brainer”. But if you're anything like me, buying any food product is often a difficult decision.

It never used to be this way. But as my interest grew in making healthy, sustainable and ethical food choices, so did the time I spent in the supermarket - obsessively reading the fine print of every last label. Searching for the information I so desperately needed to make wiser choices. Information that was mostly absent.

One evening in 2011, I stood in the supermarket trying to decide between five different brands of tinned tomatoes - paralysed by the lack of information which I needed to make an informed choice:

  • Where were the tomatoes grown and processed?
  • Were there any preservatives or additives that I should be worried about?
  • How did the organic tinned tomatoes differ from the locally produced non-organic brand?
  • Were they genetically modified tomatoes?
  • How many “food miles” did they travel from the farm to the supermarket?
  • Who owned the companies?
  • Which company had the best track record on environmental sustainability and social responsibility?

And this was only for tinned tomatoes! It shouldn’t be this hard, I thought. How are people meant to make better choices to suit their dietary needs AND ethical values? I wish I could make wise choices without even thinking!

And then it hit me...I should build an app for that! And from that moment, the idea for Noshly was born.

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