Suppliers of Potassium sorbate 202 or E202

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Consolidated Chemical Company
  • Australia
Consolidated Chemical Company is one of Australia's premier suppliers of chemical products for various applications. Our list of products is by no means exhaustive, and we invite your enquiry no matter which application you may have in mind. As we have a commitment to quality and are certified to ISO9001:2008, our prime objectives are to continually improve and to provide the very best level of product quality and service to our customers.
Chemiplas Australia Pty Ltd
  • Australia
We supply quality raw materials through a global network to a variety of industries. Combine these materials with first class technical resources and we believe there is the recipe for commercial success. Chemiplas is one of the largest, privately owned providers of raw materials to Australasia. We represent many of the world’s leading manufacturers and are focused on creating solutions for our clients.
Quantum Chemicals Pty Ltd
  • Australia
Our mission is to bring through integrity, value & transparency a relevancy to the process of supplying industrial chemicals & related services. We do this at all times by producing, procuring and supplying products safely, competitively, reliably and innovatively, with a total commitment to quality & excellence throughout our operations.
Alchemy Agencies Pty Ltd
  • Australia
Alchemy specialise in the importation & distribution of specialty chemicals & food ingredients. Our experienced team is passionate about providing superior service and knowledge to our valued customers and outstanding suppliers.
Sinca Industries (Chemicals) Australia Pty Ltd
  • Australia
Sinca Industries first began operation in 1983 and is still owned and operated by the initial owners. As an import / export company, we source and supply chemical raw materials from mainly Asia (in particular China) and supply many manufacturing industries in Australia.
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  • Unit 14 17-19 Miles street, Mulgrave, Victoria, AU

INS No. 202
2,4-hexadienoic acid potassium salt
Potassium (2E,4E)-hexa-2,4-dienoate
Potassium 2,4-hexadienoate
Sorbic acid potassium salt

Lists the U.S. CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) registry number and EINECS (European INventory of Existing Commercial chemical Substances) numbers when known.

  • CAS Number: 590-00-1