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Additive Name Image Description
Potassium sorbate No Image White or yellowish-white crystals or crystalline powder or granules.
Malic acid, DL- White or nearly white crystalline powder or granules.
Fumaric acid Odourless, white crystalline powder or granules.
Lecithins It is used commercially in foods requiring a natural emulsifier or lubricant.
Carrageenan They are widely used in the food and other industries as thickening and stabilizing agents.
Guar gum White to yellowish-white, nearly odourless, free-flowing powder.
Gum arabic (Acacia gum) No Image Gum arabic, also known as acacia gum, chaar gund, char goond, or meska, is a natural gum made of hardened sap taken from two species of the acacia tree; Acacia senegal and Acacia seyal.
Gelatin Gelatin (or gelatine) is a translucent, colorless, brittle (when dry), flavorless solid substance, derived from the collagen inside animals' skin and bones.

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