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Category Source Code Comment Rating Date  Subject
Environmental :: Genetic Engineering 2010 True Food Guide [True Food Network - Greenpeace] Company has brands that are rated 'green' in Greenpeace True Foods Guide 2010, signifying a clear policy on excluding GE-derived ingredients, including oils derived from GE crops, and animal products from animals fed on GE crops. May 16, 2010 Coles Group Profile is a wiki based amalgamated research site raising awareness of corporate abuse and ethical consumerism. Follow source link for further information on this company's histroy and involvements. Coles Group
Social :: Supply Chain Policy Company Websites (Miscellaneous) Outback Spirit products can be purchased from Coles stores nationally and for every product sold, Coles donates up to 20 cents to Coles Indigenous Food Fund, which is used to promote bush foods and help maintain Indigenous involvement in the bush food supply chain. June 6, 2009 Coles Group
Environmental :: Packaging / Recycling National Packaging Covenant Signatory Signatory to the National Packaging Covenant (mk2- began September 2005), a voluntary agreement to encourage waste minimisation. Coles Group
Environmental :: Oceans & Seafood Canned Tuna Guide - Greenpeace Ranked with 64/100 - orange (must improve) Jan. 1, 2011 Coles Group
Environmental :: Climate Change WWF Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard Score Composition: *Active member of RSPO: 0 *Company have a policy on the responsible use of palm oil: 0 *Company have a public, time-bound, targeted plan to use CSPO: 2 *Company use CSPO at the time of the assessment: 0 Total: 2 / 29 Jan. 1, 2010 Coles Group
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