Change Log


  • Added Synonym Index -
  • Improved Additive Name Index -
  • Improved Brands Index -
  • Improved Companies Index -
  • Brands & Companies Crosslinked 
  • Extra Details on Brand Detail pages 
  • Extra Details on Company Detail pages
  • Twitter Feed Integration is working again
  • Extensive Mobile API developed
  • Newsletter widget added to Additive Detail pages
  • Numerous data corrections 
  • Security fixes applied
  • Additive detail page speed optimisations
  • Responsive fixes
  • Live chat trial to engage with visitors
  • Major schema update for food categories 
  • Robust system monitoring service
  • many other developments


  • Added approximatly 200 companies, and 300 brands. 
  • Changed Company URL, old links still work. 
  • Fixed bugs causing some Internal Server Errors
  • Update image gallery interface
  • Add trending pages to home screen
  • Improved quality of indexd grocery items, brands, and companies. 
  • Update several additive status, as reported by members. 
  • Intergrated with send grid for improved notification system
  • Fixed several navigation bugs on the Additives Detail pages
  • Improved support for IE
  • Improved support for mobile devices


  • Updated Homepage, & Collaboratte! pages with upto date info. 
  • Updated additives with extra information
  • Fix bug with urls for list-by pages. 


  • Browse additives by Name
  • Browse additives by Number
  • Fixed Twitter Feed to show regular updates
  • Improved site stability


  • Improved support for mobile devices
  • Added support for IE7/8
  • Added images to additive pages (yay, eye candy goodness)
  • Speed up loading of media, we are now using Amazons Content Distribution Network for media


  • Allow all non authenticated users access to public pages (bug)
  • Added Multi Country Support to the Additive Details Page, more detailed county status, on maps and in tables. 
  • Added Multi Country Support to the Backend, now its easy to add data for any country. 
  • Added support for searching via E number. e.g. E621 will now return results. 


  • Enable full text search of Additives
  • Map visulisation added to Additive Details page
  • Add disqus commenting system and addthis social links 
  • Added changelog