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Environmental :: Deforestation WWF APRIL, the other international paper giant operating in Sumatra, has made a global commitment to protect all high conservation value forests under its control. WWF is working with APRIL to protect and manage crucial habitats and peat lands and implement this agreement. At the same time, we are asking APRIL customers to work closely with WWF to monitor and audit the company’s performance against its own commitments. Oct. 9, 2008 APRIL
Environmental :: Deforestation Rainforest Action Network Criticised for rampant environmental damage and human rights violations in Indonesia. April 15, 2010 APRIL
Environmental :: Deforestation Rainforest Action Network Asia Pulp & Paper and APRIL are among Indonesias most destructive corporations. Between them, they produce 80 percent of Indonesias pulp and paper. This comes from clear cutting rainforests and replacing them with monoculture acacia pulp wood plantations grown on these cleared rainforests and peatlands. April 26, 2010 APRIL
Amalgamated Research UN Global Compact participant The United Nations Global Compact asks companies to embrace, support and enact, within their sphere of influence, a set of 10 values in the areas of human rights, labour standards, the environment, and anti-corruption. However it's non-binding nature has been widely criticised, and many signatory corporations continue to violate the Compact's values. May 17, 2011 APRIL
Environmental :: Deforestation Friends Of The Earth This briefing documents the forest destruction and damaging social impacts of Asia Pacific Resources International Holding Ltd, otherwise known as APRIL, one of the biggest pulp and paper companies in the world. It also reveals the influential role played by financial institutions and paper merchants in fuelling this damage. Finally, it makes recommendations for urgent action required to help bring an end to APRIL’s destructive activities. Feb. 1, 2001 APRIL
Rainforst pulp UPM-Kymmene Fine Paper, a strategic alliance between UPM-Kymmene of Finland and Singapore-based APRIL, source raw materials from Riau Pulp pulpmill, whose production is almost completely based on rainforest wood. (Noted here as 'additional information only' due to age of report [1997]). APRIL
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