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Amalgamated Research A profile on this company can be seen at 'Ethiscore' website. Follow source link for details on company record and involvements. May 13, 2011 Lindt & Sprungli
Social :: Labour Rights Free2Work Lindt maintains a fully transparent cocoa supply chain down to the village level, an important step for ensuring fair treatment and income for farmers. Its supplier code of conduct includes unannounced monitoring. The next step for this company would be to create a formal policy or methodology for child labor remediation. June 21, 2011 Lindt & Sprungli
Good Shopping Guide Brands in 'choclolate' category received a score of 68 out of a possible score of 100 in the Ethical Company Organisation's 2009 'Good Shopping Guide' (uk) which evaluates brands with regard to the Environment; Animal Welfare and Human Rights records. Lindt & Sprungli
Social :: Labour Rights Labor Rights We have to give Ghiradelli, and its parent company Lindt & Sprüngli, credit where credit is due. They are one of the few companies that actually responded to requests for information by providing detailed information about where they source their cocoa. We hope this public identification of cocoa supply is a first step toward the company making a public commitment to fair prices for farmers, and guaranteeing basic rights for cocoa workers. Lindt told ILRF supporters that it sources its beans from Central and South America, and from Ghana. While this basic information was helpful, we suggest that Ghiradelli and Lindt fans respond by asking the company to take the next step and identify the specific regions and farms from which they are sourcing cocoa. This sort of public transparency is essential to any real efforts to monitor labor rights conditions. Starbucks Feb. 14, 2009 Lindt & Sprungli
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