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Category Source Code Comment Rating Date  Subject Profile is a wiki based amalgamated research site raising awareness of corporate abuse and ethical consumerism. Follow source link for further information on this company's histroy and involvements. Clorox
Animal Issues :: Animal Testing People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals This company manufactures products that ARE tested on animals. June 21, 2011 Clorox
Social :: Human Rights 100% on Corporate Equality Index Clorox Co. Oakland are list as best practice on report card on the 2009 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality in corporate America. Jan. 1, 2009 Clorox Climate Counts compares companies on their commitment to tackling global warming. Change from previous year's score: +30 Review: 14/22 points. Clorox has taken an inventory of the impact that it has on global warming and the company expects to continue its review in the future. Reduce: 32/56 points. Clorox is beginning to make efforts to reduce its impact on global warming (i.e., its greenhouse gas emissions or climate footprint). Policy Stance: 2/10 points. Clorox has provided some information that it supports public policy that addresses climate change. Report: 9/12 points. Clorox has made public information available on its companywide efforts to address global warming. May 12, 2011 Clorox
Social :: Human Rights 100% on Corporate Equality Index Company listed under the Food & Beverages category. Jan. 1, 2011 Clorox
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