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Corporate Governance :: Greenwash Bindarri "ENVI grades are exactly the same paper that AP already produces. The only difference is that they have had the associated greenouse gas emmissions calculated and offset with carbon credits" (quote from Dalton). Some of ENVI's range includes part recycled content such as "ENVI Recycled 50/50" while some of their papers such as "ENVI DM MATT" and "REFLEX CARBON NEUTRAL" contain no recycled content. July 29, 2009 Nippon Paper
Boycotts Boycotts (Miscellaneous) The Friends of the Earth campaign to boycott the Reflex paper brand was launched in February 2010. It calls on the Maryvale Mill and parent company Nippon Paper to cease purchasing logs from high conservation value forests, water catchments and threatened species habitat. It is supported by an alliance of conservation groups. Nippon Paper
None The Nippon Paper Group is a 10 billion USD paper/paperboard group with mills and sourcing activities worldwide. It buys woodchips from Tasmania's remaining primary forests and is invested in a controversial paper-pulp plantation in Sumatra. The company is perhaps the largest single user of forestry products in Japan, using the equivalent of 9 million m3 of logs for its paper making each year, a significant portion from hardwood (i.e. primary forest) sources. Nippon Paper
Boycott Woodchipping Campaign Boycott Woodchipping Campaign Re-Launched 27th Feb 2010 by a coalition of Australian NGOs Nippon Paper
None Nippon Paper is the biggest buyer of Gunns' old growth woodchips -- purchasing over 1,400,000 tons last year -- and the second largest paper company in Japan. Nippon's purchases of these woodchips is a driving force behind Gunns' destruction of Tasmania's ancient forests. Nippon Paper
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