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Environmental :: Oceans & Seafood Canned Tuna Guide - Greenpeace Sole Mare does not provide information on the fishing method it uses. Commitment to sourcing sustainable tuna: : Sole Mare exclusively uses overfished Yellowfin Tuna in its products. It must take responsibility for the impact it is having on our oceans and switch to a sustainable tuna like Skipjack. Traceability and labelling: No information is provided on where Sole Mare’s tuna comes from or how it was caught. Naming the supplier and location of its cannery on the Sole Mare website is no consolation. Support for marine reserves and equitable fishing: Sole Mare has not expressed public support for the establishment of marine reserves, nor does it have an equitable and sustainable sourcing policy. Verdict: Sole Mare trade in the overfished species Yellowfin Tuna. It needs to end its trade in this species and provide consumers with truly sustainable tuna. July 1, 2010 Conga Foods
Environmental :: Packaging / Recycling National Packaging Covenant Signatory Signatory to the National Packaging Covenant (mk2- began September 2005), a voluntary agreement to encourage waste minimisation. Conga Foods
Environmental :: Oceans & Seafood Canned Tuna Guide - Greenpeace The Solemare brand is produced by Conga Food Pty Ltd . This company is ranked with 5/100 - Red (very poor) Jan. 1, 2011 Conga Foods
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