What is Noshly?

Noshly is a website designed to link consumers with information about food products, and the companies that make them, to better equip them when making the decision of what to eat and what to buy. To find out more, see the About Noshly page.

Can I search for additives in food?

Yes, you can search for food additives by using the search bar on the home page. You can also browse the entire list of food additives on the additives page.

I know this additive is approved in my country, why is it listed as banned?

Sometimes we are unable to locate a source that specifies the exact variants approved in a particular country. In these cases we follow a conservative policy and don't show the additive as approved unless we can specifically match the variation with an official source.

For example the additive 163 is approved in Australia and the EU however we have been unable to match the exact terms for 163(iv) and 163(v) so it's listed as banned. For the United States the additive name and its synonyms haven't been matched with the list of approved additives in that country so it's listed as "matching term not found".

If you have a reference that lists variants Noshly should update then use the form on this page and let us know!

Why can't I search for nutritional information?

We have a lot of nutritional information currently on our database. Our team is working to put that nutritional information into a more meaningful format that relates better to portion sizes and the more commonly eaten foods.

I don't understand the company information

At this point in time, the company information is displayed in a very raw format. We plan to improve this soon so that you can easily see company ownership, brands and information related to corporate responsibility.

I don't see my country listed

Its a big job to add all the countries in the world! To help us add your country please follow these instructions: 

  1. Contact us (form below) and let us know which country you'd like to add.
  2. Identify the offical legislation / standards which govern food additive / chemical use in food in your country. 
  3. For each entry on http://noshly.com/additive/list-by/ins_sort_number/ create a row on a spread sheet 
  4. Find the matching term the law/legislation from point 1.
  5. Write if it is [Unknown / Not Permitted / Approved / Under Review / Being Phased Out / Being Phased In / Matching Terms Not Found]
  6. List the term in the legislation that matches in english term listed on http://noshly.com/additive/list-by/ins_sort_number/ 

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