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Corporate Governance :: Anti-Social Finance Blogs (Miscellaneous) In July 1999, after 50 years of operation, Heinz Watties closed the Eden Tuna cannery, which employed a large percentage of the local workers. What made this action doubly callous and insensitive , however, was that the cannery had already faced the axe in the early nineties. At that time, however, the locals formed a group called the Workers of Greenseas. Taking on an environmentally freindly image they promoted their product as being dolphin free and the workers developed a range of flavoured tuna products that was to become phenomenally successful for Heinz, The 'Tastetempters' line' All of this made the cannery more than profitable again, turning an annual profit of $8 million dollars for the global giant. By 1999 the Eden cannery was processing about 4,500 tonnes of product a year; not big by world standards but more than enough to support the coastal village and be a shining example as to how, with innovation and dedication, Australians could hold their own in a changing world. It should have been a recipe for a grateful response from Heinz. But while the workers had made the cannery profitable again, they didn't make it profitable enough for Heinz Watties, the owner of the Greenseas label, who nonetheless decided in 1999 to close it down, sack the workers who had come up with the 'Tastetempters' idea and move much of the operation to Thailand where they could pay slave labour rates. They then began to ship the product back back to sell in the Australian market. July 1, 1999 Heinz Australia
Environmental :: Oceans & Seafood Canned Tuna Guide - Greenpeace Greenseas continues to catch tuna with huge nets and Fish Aggregation Devices (FADs) that kill turtles, sharks and juvenile tuna. Commitment to sourcing sustainable tuna: Greenseas uses sustainable Skipjack Tuna from the Pacific Ocean. Greenseas' commitment to improving this Pacific fishery includes contributing to tuna sustainability research in the region. Greenseas do not have a sustainable sourcing policy. However, it does have a new website to educate its customers about the issues. Traceability and labelling: Greenseas will label its complete range with the tuna species and catch area by August. It needs to be upfront about its use of destructive FADs. Greenseas can trace its product back to the fishing vessel. Support for marine reserves and equitable fishing: Greenseas is yet to avoid sourcing from proposed marine reserves or express public support for their establishment. Greenseas does not have an equitable sourcing policy for tuna. Verdict: Greenseas has failed to keep its top position in the Australian tuna ranking. It has not made any public or policy commitments to stop using destructive fishing methods. This is a disappointing result for this brand. July 1, 2010 Heinz Australia
Environmental :: Oceans & Seafood Canned Tuna Guide - Greenpeace The Greenseas brand is produced by J Heinz Company Australia. This company is ranked with 59/100 - orange (must improve) Jan. 1, 2011 Heinz Australia
Environmental :: Genetic Engineering 2010 True Food Guide [True Food Network - Greenpeace] Company has brands that are rated 'green' in Greenpeace True Foods Guide 2010, signifying a clear policy on excluding GE-derived ingredients, including oils derived from GE crops, and animal products from animals fed on GE crops. May 16, 2010 Heinz Australia
Environmental :: Packaging / Recycling National Packaging Covenant Signatory Signatory to the National Packaging Covenant (mk2- began September 2005), a voluntary agreement to encourage waste minimisation. Heinz Australia
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