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Environmental :: Deforestation Dogwood Alliance Like the Wizard of Oz that terrified Dorothy and her gang in the famous movie, International Paper (IP) is the Wizard behind the curtain of forest destruction. As the largest paper company in the Southern US and the world, the company is in a unique position to become a true leader in sustainability and reshape the paper industry for the future. Instead, IP continues to support, uphold and even fund greenwashing for business as usual destructive forestry practices like logging endangered forests, ditching and draining wetlands, large-scale clearcutting and converting natural forests to tree plantations. June 21, 2011 International Paper
Environmental :: Deforestation Rainforest Action Network Proposal to build a pulp mill and establish 1.2 million acres of plantation forest in the heart of the Indonesian rainforest. May 12, 2008 International Paper
None International Paper
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