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Category Source Code Comment Rating Date  Subject
Amalgamated Research UN Global Compact participant The United Nations Global Compact asks companies to embrace, support and enact, within their sphere of influence, a set of 10 values in the areas of human rights, labour standards, the environment, and anti-corruption. However it's non-binding nature has been widely criticised, and many signatory corporations continue to violate the Compact's values. May 17, 2011 Diageo
Corporate Governance :: Marketing Corporate Watch A big part of Diageo's recent activity has been influencing the UK Government's policies on alcohol. Diageo has developed close ties with government policy makers in an effort to limit the statutory regulation of alcohol, and to steer government policy into protecting its own interests. It has achieved this through a huge investment in public relations and in its promotion of 'corporate social responsibility' (CSR) as a business strategy as favoured by New Labour, and through publicly speaking out against alcohol harm. In practice, this has resulted in policies which target individual misuse of alcohol rather than corporate liability or regulation. May 5, 2005 Diageo
Environmental :: Packaging / Recycling Packaging Gateway Diageo announced that, after nearly 200 years of association with the town of Kilmarnock, they would be closing the Johnnie Walker blending and bottling plant as part of restructuring to the business. This would make 700 workers unemployed and caused outrage from press, local people and politicians. A campaign against this decision was launched by the local SNP MSP Willie Coffey and Labour MP Des Browne. July 1, 2009 Diageo
Corporate Governance :: Marketing News Articles (Miscellaneous) Diageo, owners of brands such as Johnny Walker and Smirnoff, has set up virtual bars in networking site Second Life. May 7, 2011 Diageo
Corporate Governance :: Anti-Social Finance News Articles (Miscellaneous) Company restructured itself so as to avoid paying tax in the U.K., despite much of its profits being generated in the U.K. Feb. 1, 2009 Diageo
Amalgamated Research A full profile on this company can be seen at Corporate Critic website. Follow source link for details on company record and involvements. June 7, 2011 Diageo
Corporate Governance The Global Reporters 2004 Survey of Corporate Sustainability Reporting Identified as one of the top 50 global companies for best practice in corporate sustainability reporting, being ranked 29 with a score of 47%. Outlined in 'Risk & Opportunity- best practice in non-financial reporting', 2004 survey. June 6, 2004 Diageo
Social :: Labour Rights News Articles (Miscellaneous) The Scottish Government today hit out at drinks giant Diageo for turning down a proposal to save hundreds of jobs.The company yesterday rejected a proposal put forward as an alternative to 900 planned redundancies, saying the plan did not address 'the basic economics' of its business. Sept. 10, 2011 Diageo
Social :: Human Rights 100% on Corporate Equality Index Company listed under the Food & Beverages category. Jan. 1, 2011 Diageo
Good Shopping Guide Brands in 'beer; larger; cider' category received BOTTOM Rating; with a score of 36 out of a possible score of 100 in the Ethical Company Organisation's 2009 'Good Shopping Guide' (uk) which evaluates brands with regard to the Environment; Animal Welfare and Human Rights records. Diageo
Social :: Human Rights 100% on Corporate Equality Index Diageo North America Norwalk are list as best practice on the 2009 report card on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality in corporate America. Jan. 1, 2009 Diageo
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