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Social :: Supply Chain Policy United Nations By gathering these naturally growing foods from the desert and selling them to local producers, Rita and roughly 200 local women are earning money for themselves and establishing a beachhead for their Aboriginal community in the global economy. "We have a unique opportunity to develop this industry in partnership with the Aboriginal people, unlike other industries like mining and agriculture," says Juleigh Robins, co-owner of Robins Australian Foods, a company that buys food from Rita's community. "However, if the Aboriginal people are not included at this stage, they'll be left behind ó as usual." In an attempt to ensure that they do not get left behind, Robins and Coles both have established programs designed to preserve the position of Aboriginal communities in the native foods market. June 9, 2001 Robins Foods
Environmental :: Genetic Engineering 2010 True Food Guide [True Food Network - Greenpeace] Company has brands that are rated 'green' in Greenpeace True Foods Guide 2010, signifying a clear policy on excluding GE-derived ingredients, including oils derived from GE crops, and animal products from animals fed on GE crops. May 16, 2010 Robins Foods
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