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Category Source Code Comment Rating Date  Subject
Environmental :: Packaging / Recycling National Packaging Covenant Signatory Signatory to the National Packaging Covenant (mk2- began September 2005), a voluntary agreement to encourage waste minimisation. Smith's Snackfood Co.
Environmental :: Packaging / Recycling Environment Victoria Smiths has been criticised in Environment Victoria's DUMP report 2007 for Misleading labelling. Smith's Stax packaging which displays three different confusing disposal messages including a graphic of rubbish bin with the instruction 'feed me' and elsewhere a 'please recycle' instruction. Feb. 6, 2007 Smith's Snackfood Co.
Environmental :: Genetic Engineering 2010 True Food Guide [True Food Network - Greenpeace] Company has brands that are rated 'red' in Greenpeace True Foods Guide 2010, signifying that brands may include GE-derived ingredients in their products. This includes brands that either: contain GE derived ingredients, and/or, have no clear policy on GE-derived ingredients, and/or: have ignored or refused Greenpeace's request for information regarding their policies on GE-derived ingredients. May 16, 2010 Smith's Snackfood Co.
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