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What labels should I look for on tinned fish to know that its sustainable (in Australia)?

2014-03-30 05:08:05+00:00 +1000

So I'm super confused about how to find the most sustainable tinned fish in Australia. I was buying one that I thought was good, but I just saw on:

ABC The Checkout

That the brand isn't good at all. What labels / certifications should I be keeping an eye out for?

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2014-04-01 03:45:23+00:00 +1000

Greenpeace has a great answer to this..."it's simple, buy only line and pole canned tuna". For more info you can visit their site:

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Is there somewhere else where I could check this information for imported tinned fish?

uantero ( 2014-04-07 13:49:19+00:00 +1000 )edit

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